Double defense

This week, two phD students of the group will be defending :

  • On September 22, 9am, Kripa Joseph, who worked under the supervision of Pr Thomas Ebbesen, will start with her defense entitled
    “Conductivity and supramolecular assembly under light-matter strong coupling”
  • On September 23, 9am, Jérôme Gautier, who has been supervised by Dr Cyriaque Genet and Pr Thomas Ebbesen, will follow with his own defense entitled
    “Effect of chirality in strong light-matter coupling ”

Both defenses will take place in the conference room of ISIS and will be followed by a small reception in the salle Vasconi, 6th floor of ISIS, at lunch time. Don’t forget the mini symposium  inbetween, on September 22 afternoon.Kripa and Jérôme when they were newbies  first arrived in the group, 4 years ago