One more for the week-end !

Dr Jino George is now leading his group at IISER Mohali but still collaborating with the lab and we are pleased to announce that our paper, previously on ChemArXiv is now accepted for publication in Angewandte Chemie. It reports the solvolysis of PNPA catalysed by vibrational strong coupling (VSC) under cooperative strong coupling effect between the reactant and the solvent molecules. More precisely, when the solvent and reactant have the same vibrational bands, but only the solvent is at a concentration high enough to be strongly coupled to the cavity mode, the reaction rate is increased by one order of magnitude at room temperature. These results offer an exciting perspective for the control of chemical reactivity under VSC regime.

New publications

We added two more papers in our publications page.

One is a recent review written by two groups of ISIS (ours and Thomas Hermans one), including also three researchers from United-Kingdom and Sweden. It deals with the mechanical separation of chiral objects, in particular at the colloidal scale and the way of achieving it by new methods.

The second presents the results of a collaboration, this time with theoreticians colleagues of the DYNO group at IPMCS and a mathematician from NYU Shangaï. It proposes to control the dynamics of a stochastic system from one thermal equilibrium to another, via some optimized protocols that are tested experimentally on a particle in an optical trap.

Ciao Stefano

Stefano Azzini ended his postdoctoral position in our group last week. He left for the University of Trento, where he got a position of assistant professor in the Nanolab group of the Physics department. Grazie mille Stefano and all the best in the future !

Here below some souvenirs with him !

New page on the website

We are pleased to announce the creation of a new page called Resources where we will put information about experimental or numerical methods we are using in the lab on a regular basis. For now, you will find a tutorial video about how to build a liquid cell for infrared spectroscopy characterization of vibrational strong coupling, that you can also access by clicking on the picture here below. Thanks a lot to Anoop and Lucas, our film directors !

Photons, phonons, plasmons…

A new publication from Guido Pupillo‘s team, in collaboration with us, just appeared in the asap section of ACS Photonics. It shows that, intrinsic surface plasmon-phonon polaritons in a metallic crystal, resulting from hybridized plasmons-phonons modes coupled to photonic degrees of freedom, offer a unique opportunity to control the material properties of the crystal, without the use of an external resonator. More details in the publications page.

Femtonewtons and tens of picometers

Another publication appeared in Physical Review Applied last week ! This study presents a method to measure radiation pressure on metallic nanoparticles down to the thermal limit, with a large dynamic range and fine resolution in position. This is made possible by a careful assessment of the conditions of stability through an Allan-based deviation analysis. The capacity to measure femtonewton forces is important in the context of optical spin-orbit interactions and chiral forces.

Action in the Dark

This is nor the last trendy horror movie, neither the latest Star Wars episode but just another reaction about our Science paper, now online in the asap section of ACS Central Science. It has been written by Stéphane Kéna-Cohen and Joel Yuen-Zhou and it is entitled Polariton Chemistry : Action in the Dark. The paper is open access (published under ACS Author Choice license) and you can download it here.

Source : ACS Central Science