Some fresh blood in the team !

Since a few weeks we are welcoming two master 2 students in the team : Jérôme Gautier and Florentin Fabre (who is doing a joint training between ISIS and IPCMS) and a master 1 student, Samuel Morville. And more recently, two more master students from India joined the group : Kripa Joseph, coming from IISER Mohali, for a 3 months stay, and Anjali Jayachandran, from CBS Mumbai, for a 6 months stay.

Here is our junior team, from left to right : Samuel, Florentin, Jérôme, Anjali and Kripa



Our group 10 years ago was smaller…

Permanent people are still there and all the former postdocs and phD students on the picture found a position afterwards. From left to right (with their position in 2008), Pr Ebbesen, Dr Genet, Adi Salomon (postdoc) is now leading a group in Bar-Ilan University in Israel, Eric Laux (phD) is Director in Strategy & Business Development for Quantum Global Group in Zug Switzerland, but also professor in the Luxembourg School of Business, Frédéric Przybilla (phD) is assistant professor in Laboratoire de Bioimagerie et Pathologies (Pharmacy University, Strasbourg), Aurélien Drezet (postdoc) is a CNRS researcher in the team “Nano-optique et forces” (Néel Institute, Grenoble), Oussama Mahboub (phD) is assistant professor at ENSA Tétouan (Morocco), Dr Devaux, Ms Jouati our secretary, and Jean-Yves Laluet (phD) is group leader at Saint-Gobain research (Paris).


Inaugural lecture at Collège de France

As mentionned in a previous post, Thomas Ebbesen was elected to an annual chair at Collège de France this year. He will give his inaugural lecture entitled The Alchemy of the Void – Light-Matter Interactions in Physical Chemistry on May 2nd, 6pm at the Collège de France in Paris (Amphithéâtre Marguerite de Navarre – Marcelin Berthelot), then a serie of courses will follow in May and June and the detailed program can be found here. Lectures are open to all, free of charge and without prior registration so if you can catch a train to Paris, don’t hesitate to attend !


Spying chirality nucleation

A new paper from our group has just been accepted for publication in Journal of Physical Chemistry C, nicely combining physics and chemistry. Indeed, using a Mueller polarimetry optical setup, we were able to monitor the different stages of the self-assembly of an achiral cyanine molecule into supramolecular chiral aggregates. You will find the just accepted version on the publications page.

20th birthday

At 20, one is still young but already an adult… with a bit of delay, happy birthday to the seminal paper of Pr. Thomas Ebbesen about extraordinary transmission, that was published in Nature in February 1998 ! To (re)read it, just click the link.

Women at ISIS

Here is a nice picture of women working at ISIS taken on March 8th in front of the institute, to celebrate women’s international day.

Note that they are accompanied by Pr. Lehn and Pr. Samori.

Recipe for a Chiraliton

Take a plasmon mode having a its spin-momentum locked. Add a strong valley exciton, spin-polarized. Keep them together at room temperature. You will obtain a nice chiraliton.

For a more detailed recipe, check this publication in ACS Photonics, result of a fruitful collaboration between former and actual members of our group and colleagues at IPCMS. Bon appétit !