PhD defense of Oussama Sentissi

We are pleased to announce the PhD defense of Oussama Sentissi on Friday, December 7. His work, entitled  Étude du mouvement Brownien sous champ de force externe et diffusion anormales (Study of brownian motion under an external force field and anomalous diffusion), has been performed under the supervision of Dr. Genet. The defense will take place in the Salle de Conférence of ISIS, at 2pm.

A pot de thèse will follow at the 6th floor of ISIS (Espace Vasconi).

New page alumni

The idea was born around a beer after a conference in Paris a few months ago : we decided to create an Alumni list with all former phD’s, postdoctoral researchers and associate researchers who worked with Thomas Ebbesen. A first (imperfect) list was written on the corner of the table… and a few months later, we are happy to announce the creation of the Alumni page, that we finally restricted to former collaborations within the Laboratoire des Nanostructures only.

Of course, any new information and corrections are welcome !

Welcome to Yaowei…and Jérôme again !

Since a few days, we are welcoming in the team a new phD student from China, Yaowei Hu, who studied physics in Changchun University of Science and Technology.

Moreover, Jérôme Gautier is staying with us after his master training and started a phD on strong-coupling with chiral structures and materials.

Welcome to both of them !

Congratulations Thomas !

Thomas Ebbesen has been granted the grand prix de la fondation Maison de la Chimie 2018, for his recent research on polaritonic chemistry, or how to modify matter properties (conductivity, chemical reactivity for example) by playing on strong light-matter interactions. This prize is attributed every two years and he is the third to obtain it in Strasbourg, after Guy Ourisson and Jean-Pierre Sauvage. He will receive it, together with Susumu Kitagawa also awarded this year, the 13th of February 2019 in Paris, at la Maison de la Chimie. Here is a short article about it on the website of Strasbourg University and a longer one on the website of Maison de la chimie. Congratulations !

Source image : Maison de la Chimie

Welcome to Kuidong !

After the summer break, we have the pleasure to welcome a newcomer in the lab, Dr Kuidong Wang, for a postdoctoral position. He got his PhD from Shanghai Jiao Tong University under the supervision of Prof. Jie Chen. During his PhD time, he mainly focused on the enhancement of the ultrafast optical nonlinearities on nanostructures by plasmonic effects.

FRET or Lasing ?

A new publication, resulting from a collaboration between our group and japanese colleagues has just been accepted in Nanoletters. Microcrystals of COPV’s (carbon-bridged oligo-phenylenevinylenes) have been prepared, with donor and acceptor characters, and used as optical resonators. Depending on the laser pumping intensity, either FRET or lasing was measured, with a control of the lasing wavelength through the doping level of the acceptor. This is a step towards the realization of organic solid FRET lasers with microcrystalline resonators. You will find the paper in the publications page.

Some more visitors

Today, we welcome our last master student of the year, Bianca Patra who will stay 2 months among us. Bianca is romanian and followed the Physical Chemistry and Material Sciences Master here in Strasbourg before to join.

In addition, for the next three days, Dr Kenji Hirai, assistant professor from Hokkaido University, will be among us. If you wish to meet him, don’t hesitate to pass by.

On the roof of Collège de France

Some souvenir de Paris…where all the team, or almost, had a pleasant and interesting colloquium in a wonderful place ! It was also a good opportunity to meet some of our former members. Four of them are hidden in the picture, would you recognize them ?