Seminar Marcus Seidel about ultrafast spectroscopy

On Thursday, 24th of November, our guest Marcus Seidel, from Max-Planck-Institute of Quantum Optics (Garching, Germany)  will give a talk entitled

“About femtoseconds : pulse compression, mid-infrared generation and measurements of ultrafast molecular responses”

It will take place in the 1st floor seminar room (125) at 11am and you are all welcome to listen to him and/or to meet him.


Seminar of Dr. Aurélien Drezet

Aurélien Drezet, who was a postdoc in our group in 2007-2008, now (and since 2008) chargé de recherche in Néel Institute in Grenoble, is visiting us for two days. He will give a seminar tomorrow, the 14th of October, at 2pm in ISIS, entitled Plasmonic Leakage Microscopy : classical, quantum and chiral aspects.

Dr. Hiura is visiting us

Dr. Hidefumi Hiura, from Smart Energy Research Laboratory at NEC Corporation, will join our lab as a visiting scientist from May 15. and for two months. If you wish to meet him, please note that he will be installed in the 106 room of ISIS.