Welcome to Rémi !

Since last week, we are welcoming a new master 2 student, Rémi Goerlich, in cooperation with the Dyno group  at IPCMS. He will work with Yoseline Cabara-Rosalès and Samuel Albert on the stochastic protocols in an optical trap.

Welcome to him !


Let it snow !

To start the week, here is winter group picture taken on ISIS terrace during the new year celebration of the institute, on January 24th.

Thanks to Caroline Schneider, our photograph !

Happy Birthday

We had a small surprise celebration on Monday at ISIS for the 65th birthday of Thomas Ebbesen but as the real date is today, happy birthday Thomas !


Welcome to Samuel !

To start the new year, we have the pleasure to welcome Dr Samuel Albert as a new postdoctoral researcher. Samuel did his phD about glass transition in CEA Saclay and defended in 2016. Then he did a first postdoc in ENS Lyon about Casimir forces. Welcome to him !

Welcome back to Yantao !

Dr Yantao Pang, assistant professor, in Shandong Jianzhu University,  in Jinan (China) arrived in Strasbourg two days ago. He already spent one year in our lab in 2005 then came back for a shorter stay in 2012. This time, he is back again for one year and will be located in office 109. Welcome back to him !


PhD defense of Oussama Sentissi

We are pleased to announce the PhD defense of Oussama Sentissi on Friday, December 7. His work, entitled  Étude du mouvement Brownien sous champ de force externe et diffusion anormales (Study of brownian motion under an external force field and anomalous diffusion), has been performed under the supervision of Dr. Genet. The defense will take place in the Salle de Conférence of ISIS, at 2pm.

A pot de thèse will follow at the 6th floor of ISIS (Espace Vasconi).