We wish our friends, former students and collaborators all around the world a positive, healthy and happy new year !


Our best wishes for the new year to our friends, our present and past collaborators around the world and to the visitors of this website ! Let’s hope 2022 will be as peaceful and beautiful as this alsatian landscape under the sunset.


Most of the people were happy to see the end of 2020 and expect the new year as a renewal, more than ever. A lot of pressure on the shoulders of 2021 then ! Let’s hope it will indeed be a “bit more normal”…  We wish happiness, health and success to all our friends and collaborators around the world !

ISIS reopening

Today is the official date for the reopening of University research labs and ISIS is starting slowly to wake up, with this week only a quarter of its overall staff.  We hope this “unlockdown” will happen in a smooth and safe way.

Strongly coupled ?

Generally in our lab, we confine molecules in a cavity and observe what are the consequences of this confinement… but since four weeks, we are ourselves confined, as approximately half of the people on Earth. It will for sure have consequences, that are for now hard to predict. Hopefully they will be positive and will enhance the good side of human beings. As a beginning, we already discovered an interesting feature : even all confined in different cavities, we are still somehow coupled, and we proved it this morning by having our first virtual group meeting ! Thanks to all : keeping in touch is important nowadays and we enjoy this post to send our warmest thoughts to our collaborators around the world, take care  !


20th birthday

At 20, one is still young but already an adult… with a bit of delay, happy birthday to the seminal paper of Pr. Thomas Ebbesen about extraordinary transmission, that was published in Nature in February 1998 ! To (re)read it, just click the link.