PhD defense of Yoseline Cabara-Rosales

We are pleased to announce the phD defense of Yoseline Cabara-Rosales on Thursday, 9th of July, at 10am. Her work, entitled

Agir sur une sonde Brownienne : des forces optiques aux protocoles thermodynamiques optimaux (Acting on a brownian probe : from optical forces to optimal thermodynamical protocols)

has been performed under the supervision of Dr. Genet. Due to the sanitary situation, the defense will take place in the Salle de Conférence of ISIS with a limited number of people, making use of a videoconferencing system.

Role of Symmetry in Vibrational Strong Coupling

Our latest paper is online and open access in Angewandte Chemie. We explore and reveal the critical role of molecular symmetry in vibrational strong coupling (VSC) in the case of a charge-transfer (CT) complexation reaction. We show indeed that VSC induces large changes in the equilibrium constant of the mesitylene-I2 CT complex, which can be either enhanced or suppressed depending only on the symmetry of the
vibration coupled to the vacuum electromagnetic field.


ISIS reopening

Today is the official date for the reopening of University research labs and ISIS is starting slowly to wake up, with this week only a quarter of its overall staff.  We hope this “unlockdown” will happen in a smooth and safe way.

Strongly coupled ?

Generally in our lab, we confine molecules in a cavity and observe what are the consequences of this confinement… but since four weeks, we are ourselves confined, as approximately half of the people on Earth. It will for sure have consequences, that are for now hard to predict. Hopefully they will be positive and will enhance the good side of human beings. As a beginning, we already discovered an interesting feature : even all confined in different cavities, we are still somehow coupled, and we proved it this morning by having our first virtual group meeting ! Thanks to all : keeping in touch is important nowadays and we enjoy this post to send our warmest thoughts to our collaborators around the world, take care  !


Happy team !

Here is a nice picture of our (happy) postdoc and phD students team taken by Caroline Schneider during ISIS new year lunch, on January 20th. Last year it was under the snow but 2020 started somehow…warmer…

Daichi Okada is visiting us

Daichi Okada, who already spent two months in our lab in the autumn of 2017, is back for another two months stay. He is currently working in Kyushu University, in the group of Pr Adachi where his research topics is laser applications of self-assembled organic micro-structures. If you wish to meet him, he is staying in room 105. Welcome back to him !

Good bye Yantao !

Our dear colleague and friend Yantao Pang, who was in the lab for one year, left yesterday because of the end of its stay, to go back in Jinan, China. It was a pleasure to have him with us and we wish him all the best for the future !

Source : Minghao Li

Thermodynamics of VSC

A new publication appeared last week in Nanophotonics, where we study the evolution of some thermodynamic parameters of a chemical reaction (desilylation of PTA) happening in an optical cavity, under vibrational strong coupling (VSC). In this regime, the enthalpy and entropy of activation, determined from temperature-dependent kinetics studies, vary nonlinearly with the coupling strength whereas, when the same parameters are characterized out of cavity, they are pretty constant. It confirms that changes in the kinetics observed under VSC are only related to the enhanced coupling strength. Those results give more insight into the role of collective strong coupling on the transition state that leads to modified dynamics and branching ratios. See our publications page !

Gold medal 2019

The official ceremony for the CNRS gold medal took place in Paris, at Le Palais de la Découverte, on Tuesday 26 of November, on the occasion of the celebration of CNRS 80th birthday. The president Emmanuel Macron himself presented Thomas Ebbesen with the medal and the minister of research, Frédérique Vidal, did a nice talk about his career. The video of the ceremony can be watched either on the social medias of the CNRS or on the Elysée website (Thomas’ speech around 1H32mn). There is also an article on the CNRS website with videos that were shooted at ISIS a few weeks ago, and here is a link to one more video shooted by the local TV France 3 Grand Est.

Congratulations again !

Source : Eloïse Devaux & CNRS