Second-Harmonic generation from hybrid states

We just published a new paper in Nano Letters, resulting from  a collaboration with colleagues at IPCMS (Strasbourg), and Radboud University (Nijmegen), about second-harmonic generation boosted by hybrid light-matter states. This effect is induced by the modification of the nonlinear optical (NLO) susceptibility of organic nanofiber crystals placed into optical microcavities. As the system could be even further optimized, in particular by the use of other types of optical resonators, this opens the door to more efficient NLO organic devices. Please find the paper in our publications page !


Seminar Marcus Seidel about ultrafast spectroscopy

On Thursday, 24th of November, our guest Marcus Seidel, from Max-Planck-Institute of Quantum Optics (Garching, Germany)  will give a talk entitled

“About femtoseconds : pulse compression, mid-infrared generation and measurements of ultrafast molecular responses”

It will take place in the 1st floor seminar room (125) at 11am and you are all welcome to listen to him and/or to meet him.


A blog on our paper

Derek Lowe, publisher for Science Translational Medicine , has written a nice blog about our recent paper published in Angewandte Chemie, about ground-state chemical reactivity under vibrational strong-coupling. You can read the blog here, where you will also find links to other blogs about former results. And the paper itself is of course downloadable from the publications page of this site.

A step further towards biomolecular systems

A new publication, resulting from our collaboration with Vladimir Torbeev appeared yesterday in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. This work makes a bridge between quantum electrodynamics and biology, by showing the possibility of modifying the vibrational modes of proteins via strong-coupling. It opens the door to more studies involving the proteins vibrational dynamics and for example, how it affects enzyme catalysis and H/D exchange experiments. You can find the paper here or download it from our publications page.


Welcome to Yoseline !

Yoseline Rosales Cabara joined our group on October 1st for starting a phD thesis on optical trapping under the supervision of Cyriaque Genet. She did her master degree in the University of Geneva, working on two-photon excited fluorescence by quantum correlated photon pairs. She is installed in room 120 and her email adress is rosalescabara (at) unistra (dot) fr.


And the winner is…

You are probably already aware but we are glad to write one more time that our colleague Jean-Pierre Sauvage was awarded today the Nobel prize in chemistry for the development of molecular machines. He is sharing it with Prof. Fraser Stoddart, from Northewestern University, USA,  and Prof. Ben Feringa, from University of Groningen, the Netherlands. Congratulations to all of them !


Atef is back

As we all miss him in the lab, our former postdoc Atef Shalabney, now in Braude College in Israël, will be back for a three weeks research stay from October 3rd. If you wish to meet him, he will be installed in room 107.