Women’s day

With a bit of delay, here is the traditional “Women’s day” group picture of women working in ISIS, where three members of our team are present, together with Jean-Marie Lehn and ISIS new director, Jean-François Lutz.

Photo : C. Schneider

Note that in the same line, we will receive on March 15 a group of high school students in our lab, in the framework of the event “Sciences, un métier de femmes“, to promote scientific professions among young women.

20 years of ISIS

Those two last days, ISIS was celebrating its birthday, with a bit of delay. We had a very nice scientific program, with 2 sessions on Frontiers in Chemistry and Technology and Sustainability, but also a full afternoon dedicated to privates companies (Innovation and Societal Challenges) that have been involved as antennas in the institute during those 20 years, or playing a key role in our society recently, like BioNTech. It was also the occasion to meet alumni of our team and of the institute. Some more information about the event, the history of the building, etc can be found on the Unistra website.

Happy birthday ISIS and congratulations again to Jean-Marie Lehn, its founder !

Muriel Muzet, administrative director of ISIS, offering the birthday cake to Jean-Marie Lehn (Photo : C. Schneider)

With some alumni of Laboratoire des Nanostructures in front of ISIS                           (Photo : C. Schneider)

Happy birthday ISIS !

On December 9, in 2002, ISIS building was inaugurated, in the presence of some officials and state representatives,  but also through a beautiful scientific symposium including François Diederich, Pierre-Gilles de Gennes and Harmut Michel. We are thus celebrating its 20th birthday today. The official celebration will take place later on in early 2023, but in the meantime, happy birthday ISIS, with a special thought for his founder Jean-Marie Lehn.

Happy team !

Here is a nice picture of our (happy) postdoc and phD students team taken by Caroline Schneider during ISIS new year lunch, on January 20th. Last year it was under the snow but 2020 started somehow…warmer…

Inauguration of ISIS-2

Yesterday, October 10, the extension of ISIS, called ISIS-2, has been officially inaugurated. It will welcome 2 senior labs, 3 juniors labs and industrial antennas. Moreover, it will also host a datacenter of the University and the two foundations, Fondation Université de Strasbourg and Fondation pour la Recherche en Chimie

A bottle alsacian wine has been sent and broken against the front of the new building, like for the launching of a new boat on the sea, see the little video taken by Artur Cieselski from Paolo Samori’s group.

You can find an article (in french) on the University website and more pictures on the social networks of the University. Here is also a video (in french) taken by the local TV.

Source : Isis-inauguration_DP_VF

Gold medal for Thomas !

We have the great pleasure to announce that Thomas Ebbesen will be the next recipient of the CNRS Gold Medal which is the most prestigious french scientific prize. It was created by the CNRS in 1954 and one can find the full list of laureates on the wiki page, among whom Louis De Broglie, Pierre Gilles de Gennes or Jean-Marie Lehn…See also the CNRS publication about it.

An official ceremony will take place in Paris in October 2019.

Congratulations Thomas !

Au boulot à vélo

As each year since 10 years, Strasbourg Eurometropole and CADR67 are organizing a challenge to promote the use of bicycles to go to work, called Au boulot à vélo . At ISIS, we are also taking part under the banner of the University and CNRS. Remember : University and CNRS won in 2017 and 2018 (category public company of more than 500 employees) so why not one more time ! Here below some ISIS members who are bicycle-addicts.