Poster Prize for Anjali !

Following the poster session of symposium Polaritonics for next generation materials, in the context of EMRS2024 conference, Anjali got the first prize for her poster Role of Symmetry in Charge Transfer Complexation under Vibrational Strong Coupling

Congratulations to her and to the recipient of the 2nd prize Niklas Hermann !

Photo Jino George : Anjali and Niklas surrounded by the organizers of the symposium from left to right : Kei Murakoshi, Anoop Thomas, Tal Schwartz and Michael Ruggenthaler.

Quantum Think Tank

Savoir(s), the journal of Strasbourg University, published in its last edition an article about the <Q|TT|S> (Quantum Think Tank Strasbourg), co-created by Giovanni Manfredi, Paul-Antoine Hervieux and Cyriaque Genet. The first event organized in ISIS was a success and we are looking forward to attending the next one !

Source : Savoir(s)

(Real) Symposium on imaginary numbers

The first symposium of the Quantum Think Tank Strasbourg <Q|TT|S>, entitled

Les Imaginaires en Physique Quantique

will take place on February 5, from 2 to 5 pm, in ISIS conference room. The two speakers, Marc-Olivier Renou and Frédéric Patras will discuss (in french !) about the role and meaning of imaginary and complex numbers in physics. This event is organized in the framework of the ITI QMat and you can find more information here :

Luis’ defense and minisymposium

December is placed under the sign of Brasil in the lab this year, maybe because we miss the sun and the heat, and after the visits of Felipe A. Pinheiro and of Paulo Maia Neto, we are happy to announce the phD defense of Luis Pires.

His work, entitled Entropic costs for brownian protocols was carried out under the supervision of Dr Cyriaque Genet. The defense will take place in ISIS conference room at 9am, on Thursday 14th of December.

On this occasion, a minisymposium about Thermodynamics of fluctuating systems is organized, same place, on Wednesday 13th, 2.30pm, gathering Sabine Klapp (TU Berlin), Paulo Maia Neto (UFRJ Rio de Janeiro), Yann Louyer (LOMA, Bordeaux) and Loïc Rondin (LuMIn, Paris-Saclay). The abstracts of the talks can be downloaded here.

Seminar Pr Felipe A. Pinheiro

Pr Felipe A. Pinheiro, from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), will visit us on Monday 27 and Tuesday 28. On this occasion, he will give a seminar entitled

“Natural optical activity in disordered media and optical tweezing of chiral particles”

at the CESQ (Cronenbourg Campus) Tuesday 28 at 10.30am. If you wish to meet him during his stay, don’t hesitate to contact Dr Cyriaque Genet.




Shahana’s phD defense and Minisymposium

Shahana Nizar Nizar-Shyla will defend her phD work, entitled

Characterization of chiral supramolecular assemblies using Mueller polarimetry

and performed under the supervision of Cyriaque Genet, tomorrow September 20, at 9am in the seminar room of ISIS2 (2nd floor).

On this occasion, we will have this afternoon a minisymposium at 3pm (same place) “Chirality, from molecular engineering to high resolution chiroptical spectroscopy“, welcoming Jeanne Crassous from Rennes University and Anne Zehnacker-Rentien from Paris-Saclay University. Please have a look here for the abstracts of their talks.