Welcome to Rémi !

Since last week, we are welcoming a new master 2 student, Rémi Goerlich, in cooperation with the Dyno group  at IPCMS. He will work with Yoseline Cabara-Rosalès and Samuel Albert on the stochastic protocols in an optical trap.

Welcome to him !


Our Science paper is out !

We are very pleased to announce that our paper previously on ChemrXiv , and resulting from our collaboration with Joseph Moran’s group, has now been published on Science website. We studied the deprotection of a silane derivative bearing two possible silyl bond cleavage sites—Si–C and Si–O respectively, to show that it is possible, thanks to the strong coupling of the vibrational mode associated to one of them, to favor the cleavage of one bond versus the other, and thus the formation of one product of the reaction versus the other. The examination of the thermodynamic parameters reveal the modification of the chemical landscape of the reaction under strong coupling. This brand new approach offers an alternative way to control chemical reactivity without catalysts, prefunctionalization, or chemical changes to the reaction conditions.

Let it snow !

To start the week, here is winter group picture taken on ISIS terrace during the new year celebration of the institute, on January 24th.

Thanks to Caroline Schneider, our photograph !