Good bye Yantao !

Our dear colleague and friend Yantao Pang, who was in the lab for one year, left yesterday because of the end of its stay, to go back in Jinan, China. It was a pleasure to have him with us and we wish him all the best for the future !

Source : Minghao Li

Thermodynamics of VSC

A new publication appeared last week in Nanophotonics, where we study the evolution of some thermodynamic parameters of a chemical reaction (desilylation of PTA) happening in an optical cavity, under vibrational strong coupling (VSC). In this regime, the enthalpy and entropy of activation, determined from temperature-dependent kinetics studies, vary nonlinearly with the coupling strength whereas, when the same parameters are characterized out of cavity, they are pretty constant. It confirms that changes in the kinetics observed under VSC are only related to the enhanced coupling strength. Those results give more insight into the role of collective strong coupling on the transition state that leads to modified dynamics and branching ratios. See our publications page !