(Not quite) newcomer !

With a bit of delay, we introduce you to our new Master 2 student, Antoine Tartar. He started his training in the lab in the beginning of February and he is currently working on setting up a new optical trap under vacuum with Rémi Goerlich and Luis Pires, under the supervision of Cyriaque Genet.

2022 Mozi Award for Thomas Ebbesen

The conference SPIE Photonics Europe started yesterday in Strasbourg and on this occasion Thomas Ebbesen received this morning the 2022 Mozi award.  This award was established by the Taiwan Information Storage Association (TISA) and SPIE in 2017. It is named in honor of the Chinese philosopher, scientist, and engineer, Mozi (468-391 BC), the first person in recorded history to mention the simple principles behind the concept of camera obscura. Congratulations !