End of the year and goodbyes

Last Friday, we had our traditional end of the year group dinner, with former, actual and “about to leave” members of the lab. Indeed, it was also the occasion to say goodbye to Soh Kushida, who left one day later for Japan, where he will work at the Institute of Materials Science, Tsukuba University, but also to his fellow, Yoichi Sasaki, who will also leave us at the end of the month. On his side, Yoichi has been hired as assistant professor in the Kimizuka lab, at the Center for Molecular Systems in Kyushu University.  Both Soh and Yoichi have been friendly colleagues who were involved in the social life of the team, thus contributing to his good atmosphere, and both worked on new and demanding research projects that recently bear fruits, no doubt that they will come back to finish some experiments !

Good luck to them !

Happy birthday ISIS !

On December 9, in 2002, ISIS building was inaugurated, in the presence of some officials and state representatives,  but also through a beautiful scientific symposium including François Diederich, Pierre-Gilles de Gennes and Harmut Michel. We are thus celebrating its 20th birthday today. The official celebration will take place later on in early 2023, but in the meantime, happy birthday ISIS, with a special thought for his founder Jean-Marie Lehn.