Bianca’s phD defense

Today, Bianca Patrahau will defend her phD thesis entitled

Chemistry under vibrational strong coupling

Her work was carried out under the supervision of Thomas Ebbesen and her jury will be composed of two invited members, Petra Hellwig and Cyriaque Genet, from Strasbourg University, and two referees, Clémentine Symonds, from Institut Lumière Matière, at Université Lyon 1, and Aloyse Degiron, from Laboratoire Matériaux et Phénomènes Quantiques, at Université Paris Cité.

The defense will take place in ISIS conference room at 9 am.

Shahana’s phD defense and Minisymposium

Shahana Nizar Nizar-Shyla will defend her phD work, entitled

Characterization of chiral supramolecular assemblies using Mueller polarimetry

and performed under the supervision of Cyriaque Genet, tomorrow September 20, at 9am in the seminar room of ISIS2 (2nd floor).

On this occasion, we will have this afternoon a minisymposium at 3pm (same place) “Chirality, from molecular engineering to high resolution chiroptical spectroscopy“, welcoming Jeanne Crassous from Rennes University and Anne Zehnacker-Rentien from Paris-Saclay University. Please have a look here for the abstracts of their talks.


We refreshed our Publications page with some new papers, already online or deposited on arXiv. You will learn that stochastic resetting, implemented in a time-dependent optical trapping potential, behaves as a Maxwell demon, find a scattering formalism framework for analyzing spin-momentum locking in plasmonic metasurfaces, read that a bottom-up approach is possible for fabricating chiral mirrors, discover how exciton coupling induces a large chiroptical response in an organic film and understand how to emulate temperature protocols and to estimate their entropic cost using an optically trapped microsphere. Congratulations to all authors and happy reading !

Welcome to (another) Rémi !

We have the pleasure to welcome for one year Rémi Avriller as a visiting researcher in our team, as part of the Itinerance@INC2023 call. Rémi is a permanent researcher from the CNRS in Condensed Matter Theory team and Quantum Transport and Nano Electro Mechanical Systems group in LOMA, Bordeaux University, France. He is a condensed matter theorist, specialized in mesoscopic physics and quantum transport. He is currently investigating the stochastic dynamics of chemical reactions and the chiroptical properties of molecules strongly coupled to electromagnetic Fabry-Pérot modes and no doubt that we will share plenty of nice discussions and projects with him !

Congratulations Rémi !

Last Friday, the 26th of June, our former PhD student Rémi Goerlich, now in Tel Aviv University, received a prix de thèse from Strasbourg University, for his promising results, with 20 other doctors who graduated in 2022 in different fields (Sciences and Technology, Life and Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences). More information on the University website !

Photo : Nicolas Busser


Solvent Polarity under VSC

We are pleased to announce the acceptance in JACS of a new paper presenting results obtained in collaboration with Joseph Moran’s group. By coupling some vibrational bands of alcoholic solvents with cavity modes, we showed that their polarity is influenced, by measuring the solvatochromic response of Reichardt’s dye. The shift in the absorption spectrum of the dye depends on the length of the solvents alkyl chain, indicating that dispersion forces are impacted by strong coupling and may be critical to understand how vibrational strong coupling influences chemical reactivity. Congratulations to all !

Food for mind

We just updated the Publications page of the website with a few papers published since the beginning of the year. Au menu, we have chiral Frenkel excitons yielding intense circular dichroism and circular polarization luminescence as starter. The main dish is a study about the optimization of entropic costs during cooling or heating protocols applied to an optically trapped microsphere. As dessert, we finally propose a scattering formulation clarifying how spin momentum locking emerges from a geometric phase metasurface. Congratulations to all people involved in those nice results !

Welcome back to Antoine !

Antoine Tartar, who already did a Master 2 training in our lab, started a phD last week, so we will have the pleasure to have him in the team for a little more time. Following his master, he will work under the supervision of Cyraique Genet on optical trapping.