Thomas Ebbesen Doctor Honoris Causa from KU Leuven

On the occasion of Patron Saint’s Day,  February 2nd, Thomas Ebbesen received an honorary doctorate from the Catholic University (Katholieke Universiteit) of Leuven. He was nominated by Professors Johan Hofkens and Maarten Roeffaers, during an impressive and beautiful ceremony.

A nice article, with a short video interview, have been published on the KU Leuven news website, and you can read it here in english.

And the winner is…

You are probably already aware but we are glad to write one more time that our colleague Jean-Pierre Sauvage was awarded today the Nobel prize in chemistry for the development of molecular machines. He is sharing it with Prof. Fraser Stoddart, from Northewestern University, USA,  and Prof. Ben Feringa, from University of Groningen, the Netherlands. Congratulations to all of them !